Allen Finn


Allen Finn is the co-founder of Toasted Collective, a cannabis-focused digital agency. Many moons ago, he worked at WordStream, where he reigned as fantasy football champion for some time.

cannabis marketing billboard
March 12th, 2020

Maybe you used to buy it in the seedy parking lot behind Gold's Gym and smoke it out of an apple in your friend’s Impreza blowing through 99-cent cans of Arizona Iced Tea and those extra spicy Doritos while a crooning Robert Plant penetrated your earholes?

Things have changed.

Now, in a dozen states (and counting), you can walk into a store with nothing more than a license and a...

November 29th, 2018

Intricate lighting. Tryptophan comas. Mother-in-laws.

Yup: the holiday season is finally underway. For most people that means truncated workweeks, a few extra layers for the daily commute (in our neck of the woods, at least), and those warm-fuzzy feelings incited by too much time spent among distant relatives. For ecommerce advertisers, however, the end of the year inevitably comes with...

October 5th, 2018

Sometimes, a successful creative shop changes course because, frankly, a full-service model is incredibly difficult to scale. While it certainly allows you to provide a ton of value across the board for a small handful of clients, it can inhibit an agency’s ability to impact more businesses in more measurable ways.

Specialization, on the other hand, offers an agency...

wordstream agency new business center
August 27th, 2018

Digital marketing agencies come in every shape and size, but they all tend to struggle with the same thing: winning new business.

Think about it...

Whether you’re a one-man-band or find yourself at the helm of a talented team, you spend your days helping other businesses grow through paid search and social and whatever other services you offer.

Inevitably--due to...

google retiring adwords brand
June 28th, 2018

Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet if said rose was synonymous with an entire industry and accounted for the bulk of the revenue generated by the world’s most popular search engine?

We’re about to find out.

Google has made the executive decision to consolidate its overwhelming abundance of ad products under three brand new umbrellas: Google Ads, Google Marketing...

featured old adwords ui retired
June 20th, 2018

It’s official, people. July 10: A date which will live in infamy.

Per an email sent to advertisers last night, starting on July 10th, 2018, “the new Google Ads will become the exclusive way to manage your account…

...and access to the previous experience will no longer be available.”

We’ve all had access to the new UI – with its sleek transitions and...

add negative keywords in adwords
June 6th, 2018

Determining your most profitable keywords and creating relevant ad groups, ads, and landing pages based on those keywords is crucial to succeeding in paid search. Doing so allows you to find potential customers who are searching for offerings just like yours. But unless you’ve got money to burn, it’s equally important to identify and eliminate keywords—and thus, searchers—who aren’t ...